In Case You Missed It: GE-OLOGY feat. Yukimi Nagano


GE-OLOGY Feat. Yukimi NaganoBlues Alley

GE-OLOGY Feat. Yukimi NaganoLongin’

I know I don’t stand alone with my fascination with all things Little Dragon and their incredibly talented lead singer Yukimi Nagano.  So when a friend put me on to this song she did with GE-OLOGY, I had to dig around and find out more. Of course the question at hand was how did I miss this?? So in case you did too let me put you on to this hotness real quick.

GE-OLOGY (aka G-YOUNG) is a producer/DJ/visual artist from Brooklyn NY.  He is known for fusing hip hop, alternative and soul music into one incredible sound and he was once a part of a four-member group which included the late (and great) Tupac Shakur. Although GE-OLOGY has a plethora of hot tracks with many talented artists, for this post I’m just gonna speak on his work with Yukimi; and once you hear the songs you will understand why.

They recorded two songs together called ‘Blues Alley’ and ‘Longin’ and they definitely fall under the ‘alternative’ genre: think Portishead, Supreme Beings of Leisure or early Esthero… but totally Yukimi style – some ish that is pretty much indescribable but insanely dope. The two linked up prior to her being with Little Dragon, when she was just a new artist fronting a band call Koop (for you serious Yukimi fans you’ve gotta check them out too) and the results were amazing.

OK, so we all know this girl sounds good singing pretty much anything – from the “oohhs” to the “ahhs” she has proven that her range is broad and she can immaculately bring it on any track handed to her (a producers dream, one might add). But I’m just gonna have to go there and say that I think Yukimi Nagano is one of the best alternative female vocalist out there right now (this coming from a die-hard Esthero fan). And rumors are circulating of a solo album in the works…  so, I mean…??

But anyway,  in the meantime check out these tracks in case you missed them.