In Case You Missed It: Daft Punk – “Something About Us”


Daft Punk – Something About Us

Like most electronica heads I am a big fan of Daft Punk. The French duo is known for their tight electronic beats few vocals, dope videos and incredible yet mysterious live performances.  There are not too many songs that people have probably missed.

You have songs such as Da Funk, Around the World, Veridis Quo, Harder Faster Better Stronger, One More Time (the list could go on & on) that could be considered Daft Punk staples. But for some reason, when I speak to friends who are fans, I always notice there’s one song that seems to escape their top Daft Punk songs list: ‘Something About Us’ off of their second album, 2001’s Discovery.

Something About Us was definitely not one their most commercial or successful songs. It didn’t rank high on any music charts or wasn’t nominated for any major awards. Actually the song was the last single they released off of Discovery (and not until 2003) and it wasn’t even really to promote the album but to promote their animated feature film, ‘Interstella 5555’.

One thing for sure ‘Something About Us’ took a slightly different turn from some of their previous work. This song (along with the album) is a little more 70’s 80’s influenced compared to their first album, 1997’s ‘Discovery’ which was heavily dance oriented. There is a more chill and laid back vibe here that is not at all underwhelming. A simple song about an imminent break up accompanied with a soulful, funky, slightly Jamiroquai-ish (think Morning Glory or Falling) back drop. The lyrics, which Daft Punk doesn’t provide songs with often, are heartfelt and relatable and the video (from Interstella 5555) tells a cool and romantic story in an animated form.

As a whole Daft Punk is an awesome group and one thing I love most about them is that their music is as versatile as their fan base. From rappers, rockers R&B singers, high fashion industry execs and DJ’s: everyone at some point has bit a piece of the ‘Da Funk’ and somehow incorporated it into their own mix. I guess this isn’t really about ‘in case you missed’ a certain song; – this is more about in case you missed Daft Punk.