Audio Relaxation Therapy: Silhouette Brown



Silhouette BrownCheck In (Calling You)

If you ever find yourself visiting Atlanta, one of your destinations must be Moods Music in the Little Five Points area of the city.  It would be un-neighborly of me, however, not to warn you of the potential dangers of visiting this musical oasis.

First of all, come with a pre-determined amount of cash.  If you do not heed this advice, Daryll will take your money, as you will not leave the store without 5-10 CD’s – whilst all the while smiling and shaking your head as you explain to friends that you only came to get the new Erro.

One of these moments of unbridled spending passion led me to Silhouette Brown – a London-based nu soul, broken beat, downtempo outfit consisting of keyboardist Kaidi Tatham, producer Dego MacFarlane and siren vocalist Deborah Jordan.  I explained to the sister on duty what type of mood I was in and she suggested several albums including that of the aforementioned.  The scary abstract teddy bear cover didn’t do anything to boost my confidence in her selection.

The album washed over me with sparse, patient instrumentation, delightfully off-beat (and BANGIN’) drums intertwined with excellent songwriting and call-response vocals.  Today I share this bliss with you in the form of “Check In (Calling You)”.