Audio Relaxation Therapy – Shingo Suzuki


Welcome to the first installment of Audio Relaxation Therapy.  A.R.T. began as a humble email blast sent out to office workers across the United States, Toronto, Hong Kong and Japan.  The email consisted of positive thoughts, good music and the encouragement to back away from the monitors, don the headphones and breathe.

A.R.T. has now found a gracious home here at The Couch Sessions and I look forward to sharing music and thought with you each Wednesday.

Are you ready to breathe?  Let’s go…

Shingo Suzuki

Shingo Suzuki – Eternal Sunshine

Why is music so universal?  Spoken language takes years to learn, lifetimes to master.  Visas, border patrols, budget constraints and National Security stifle face to face interaction.  The ignorant leanings of the imperfect human mind cause many of us to clench tightly to our comfort zones.

But none of these can fully hinder the power of music because music is received by the heart, not the mind.  That’s why music makes us cry, hate, love, fight and dream.

So when I hear dirty, crackly samples over laid back dilla-esque drums come from a nihonjin brother who wakes up under a “different sun” than I do…I understand.  At least my heart does.

He’s speaking my language.