ALBUM PREVIEW: Danny Swain- Where Is Danny?


Download: Danny Swain – Where Is Danny?

My homie Danny Swain has been through the ringer. Signed to Def Jux a few years ago, his debut project for the label has been in flux. I don’t know if this album Where Is Danny was leaked maliciously or on purpose but I’m rejoicing either way. Most of y’all know that I think that Danny is one of the best underheard MCs of our time, and combined with Future Producer Alex Goose, the duo seems to be unstoppable.

Compared to previous work, Where Is Danny is darker, deeper, and more psychedelic. The beats that Goose drops for this project are insane and unlike anything you will here on a hip-hop album to date.

THIS IS NOT THE FULL ALBUM, just a un-mastered preview of what is in store when the real album drops on iTunes very soon. PLEASE SUPPORT