Wale – Good Girls (DJ Jonny Blaze Bmore Club Remix)

by Marcus K. Dowling


WaleGood Girls (DJ Jonny Blaze Bmore Club Remix)

Wale’s “Attention Deficit” drops in stores November 10th. As good, bad or indifferent as we all are about DC’s standout international ambassador, we can all agree on one thing. When done correctly, any acapella taken on a journey into the land of breaks, horns and 125-plus BPMs usually comes out sounding pretty fantastic. Thus and so is the case regarding Baltimore club legend DJ Jonny Blaze’s remix of Wale’s second single from the soon to drop debut, “Good Girls.” Wale’s been taken into the Bmore realm before with Scottie B on “Elevators,” however, this remix just continues a pattern and will likely be an add to most any DJ’s Serato crates for the fall and winter. Blaze is famous in club music circles for his “Spongebob Squarepants Theme” remix, as well as the Eddie Murphy sampling “Ice Cream Man,” and generally for having a 20+ year career and being influential in the development and progression of the Baltimore club sound. This isn’t a remix that reinvents the wheel. It isn’t a remix that revolutionizes and reinvigorates the song. It’s quite simply, a Baltimore club legend creating a remix that doesn’t embarrass the legacy and sanctity of the sound. Classic material from a classic creator. Enjoy!

  • Ben

    Isn’t the second single “Pretty Girls,” not “Good Girls”? This is a remix of a track off 100 Miles & Running.

  • david

    WOW!!!!!! dj jonny blaze is back. this track is fire,oh and ben it’s called good girl’s,learn your music,but you got jonny blaze and wale on a bmore track,i can’t wait to hear more,jonny blaze is the reason i started listening to bmore first i didn’t care for it but when i heard that spongebob track and the PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME track i start listening.i love his music,i saw him in dc on a party at dc9,how come he don’t play out more then he do,i need to see more of him,his mic skills along with his dj’ing is the ish,he is truly the best party hypeman i have ever seen in action,to me no one can touch him,but this track is banana’s,he need to team up with dave and tittsworth and put out his vocals or his hypeness on there tracks OMG!!!!!!!! it would create a n.w.o(new world order)

  • Ben

    Yeah that’s what I’m saying, this is “Good Girls” from 100 Miles & Running, not “Pretty Girls” from Attention: Deficit. The description says that it’s off Wale’s new album but that’s not true.

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