Continuing to forge ahead in creating the ultimate destination point event for the Hip hop, urban, alternative dance and EDM scenes, ALL KILLER! NO FILLER! returns on November 5th with a lineup dedicated to the premise of “all respect all” under the banner of dope performances and the hottest dance music in the universe.


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The amazing lineup is as follows:

XO (Studio 43) –

XO is an emcees emcee who has come to be one of the dominating forces of Washington, DC’s rising hip hop scene. As 1/3 of the Diamond District with Oddisee and YU, he’s on the tongues of national and international underground hip hop tastemakers with a stellar new album. As a solo act, his “Crabs in the Barrel” is an anthemic track that in many ways defines the “All Killer” concept. He’s going to leave every ear on November 5th just a bit more open, accepting and overwhelmed by the quality coming from DC.

James Nasty

If there was ever a man who’d be the first person to play club music on the moon, it would be this producer and DJ. A DC native, James Nasty is a believer in the healing effects of classic Baltimore club music. Having played the My Crew Be Unruly party this year w/ on again off again collaborator in the 1.21 Jiggawatt Soundsystem, Andrew Jaye, and having released a new EP of Baltimore Club tracks, “Good Times,” James is on the cusp of much bigger things. With a style reminiscent of legendary B-more selectors Rod Lee, Diamond K and KW Griff, he overwhelms partygoers with effusive glee through music. James just doesn’t stay in the club though, he drops the hottest in top 40 as well with equal talent and adeptness.

Andrew Jaye (12 LB Sound)

Andrew Jaye is a kingpin selector. With an encyclopedic knowledge of all music, dancing to Andrew Jaye is like dancing to the illest jukebox you’ve ever encountered. With James Nasty, he spun a set at My Crew Be Unruly in Baltimore this summer that made everyone in attendance believe that the four horsemen of the apocalypse were coming, and that club music would save the day. But he’s so much deeper than that. it will be a joy and pleasure to have him in attendance.

Adam Gonzo (Served/Tensday, Baltimore) –

He’s the Best DJ in a Club in Baltimore as judged by the Baltimore City Paper for 2008. He’s a former hip hop DJ who came to Baltimore and fell in love with club music. Besides that, he spins at his Served party monthly in Baltimore at the Wind Up Space, one of the better parties in a city known for knowing how to get down. His most recent mix, “Black Man in the White House,” ( is an absolute joy to hear, and shows his distinctive soulful style quite well. Adam Gonzo will leave you in awe.

Phil Real (Lazuh Beam/University of Maryland – College Park) –

Phil Real is the future of the DC party scene. THE It selector, along with partner DJ Soohan at UMD, Phil Real has shown the talent and dedication to steadily improving his style and game and is set with this event to begin a stratospheric rise. With a populist style blending the hits of electro, hip hop, dubstep and whatever strikes his fancy, if you don’t catch his opening set, you’ll hate yourself for “not being there when” Phil has his coming out in the DMV.