The Beer-TASTIC Interview: “Ale” Sharpton x Devin The Dude


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Forget that cheap beer in your fridge, nothing goes down better than a fine full bodied brew. My homie “Ale” Sharpton (get it?) is a progressive brother, beer connoisseur, graphic designer (the creator of the iconic Couch Sessions logo) and all around swell dude. Houston native Devin the Dude needs no introduction. The Texas rapper has been killing the hip-hop game for years now with his laid back, smoked out, “regular guy” flow, and collaborations with everybody from Raphael Saadiq and Andre 3000 to Lil Wayne’. Known for such tracks as “What a Job” with Snoop Dog and Andre 3000, and “Lacville ’79” Devin’s love for a fine brew and the sticky icky are very evident in his rhymes.

“Ale” Sharpton sat down with Devin after his show in Atlanta to try out Belgica, a Belgian style brew from the Great Divide Brewing company in Denver, Colorado, and another Belgian, La Terrible, a potent 10.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) brew from Unibroue brewery, based in Chambly, Quebec. Check it:

Ale Sharpton: You know what we are going to talk about first, right?
Devin the Dude: (Singing) Whasssssssssssuuuup?

(Laughing) Oh, hell yeah! You’re Ale Sharpton, right? It’s only right. That’s cool with me.

In your honor, I am popping one open as we speak.
Are you drinking the same one we had the other night?


Oh, naw, this time around it’s the Belgica by Great Divide out in Colorado. It is a Belgian-style hybrid with the IPA style. Pretty nice and hoppy that’s 7.2% ABV, unlike the face-smacking 10.5% La Terrible I hit you with.
IPAs, Belgians…you sick widdit! Yeah, that was a ‘face-smacker.’

Good looking out, Dev. Before we begin, set the stage for my readers. What are you doing right now?
Awww man, ‘bout to fire up this weed, chill out for a little bit and listen to some music after rappin’ with you.


You always know how to kick back. Let’s talk about the brew you had with me, La Terrible. What did you think?
Aww man, it was cool, man. It was cool. It was a strong beer, an ale-type beer. It was kind of dark but not really bitter. You picked a nice one. It had a strong initial taste, but it didn’t last a while. It was really kinda cool, man. It made me feel alright and I know it won’t take much of that one to get me there.

Hey man, you know it! That is how I roll. I really respect the craft.
I see! I tell you what, man, I felt perfect after that. Once I had that, I didn’t need nothing else. It was right on time for the rest of the night. You know, I usually drink them ice cold but you had it almost warm–a little chilled. It could have been a tad colder but I remember you breaking that down, though.

Well, you know, so many people in America think all beers should be served ice-cold. No suh! Unlike lagers, Ales should be sipped at around 54 degrees Fahrenheit–pretty close to the temp I had the La Terrible. On the cool side, they give off their true aroma, tasting notes and even color, ya heard?!
Oh yeah, I wasn’t mad at that! I usually drink them ice cold, but that’s alright. Actually, I can live with that other temperature, too. (Laughing) That one was like a fine wine or something! But hey, that was a cool experience, for real, though. I never did anything like that. That was cool, bro.

No problem. I am on a mission to school cats on the brewskies. Speaking of which, since you rap so much about the ‘green,’ did you know that one of beer’s main ingredients is a cousin of cannabis sativa?
(Laughing) You know, there are some similarities in there for real with the hops and all. The way it looks, they should be distant cousins. Ha!

Yes, the hops. Nice Dev! I am impressed.
Well, yeah, man. From the looks to the way they separate from the stems and all…(laughing).

Yeah, man. They are very similar because the connoisseurs smell the hops, feel it, see how fresh it is… Sound familiar?
Yep! It’s fluffy. The smell… I saw some hops and I was like, whoa!

You know, some people said they tried to smoke hops but that just resulted in a migraine outta this world!
Okay, so you don’t want to do that, huh? I heard that.

But still, beer and weed go well together…from what I heard.
‘From what you heard?’ Ha! Yeah, man. They come from the earth. Natural. Not like crack or cocaine…you have to be outta your mind to try those. I keep it real. That’s what I rap about.

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