Requiem for Lil Wayne


Lil WayneWasted (freestyle)

Most people know that I’m not the biggest Lil Wayne fan. I respect the man’s hustle, and I think he’s dropped more than a few quality rhymes here and there, but I hesitate to call him the greatest ever or the greatest of all time like some stans are hard pressed to do.

However, I feel sorry to know that Wayne is staring down almost a year in jail for a bullshit gun possession charge. This is the same BS law that got Plaxico Burris locked up in the “great” city of New York as well. In the end, these stupid laws only result in more and more men going to jail, and does not even address the social inequalities that would encourage someone to carry a gun in the first place.

Take my city of Washington, DC. We had a “gun ban” on the books for almost 30 years, yet we’ve been held as the “murder capital” more than once in the past decade and a half. On average we see at least 150 murders a year. Insane. These laws do nothing to stop gun violence from happening. But I digress.

Of course, hip-hop will soldier on. People thought that the genre would die when T.I. got locked up (which I agree with..dude had an army of weapons), and Tip was able to come back better than ever. I see the same thing happening for Wayne.

I’m not even a fan of Wayne and I’m going to actually buy Tha Carter III this week.