@ReadysetDC Invades #TWTRCON


Words by @chrisloos and @bloch_party
Photos by @vincentgallegos

Twitter geeks from across the DMV region and beyond converged on the Grand Hyatt last Thursday for TWTRCON DC. Being quite the Twitter geeks ourselves (Tweeks?), ReadysetDC was there to soak up the social media goodness in all its 140 character glory.

Speakers from a range of backgrounds gave talks on everything from personal branding, to the downfall of newspapers, to geolocation, to the power of real-time communities. One of the highlights was a talk early on from Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist) moderated by Alan Murray, the deputy managing director of the Wall Street Journal. While a techno-socialist and a super-capitalist make for strange bedfellows, they also make for a fascinating debate.

Photos and TOP TEN #TWTRCON TWEETS after the jump:


Local HR guru, blogger, and Twitter advocate Jessica Lee was also on hand to give an informative and entertaining talk on recruiting with Twitter. One interesting takeaway from her talk: By creating a new communication channel for job seekers to contact HR professionals, Twitter has created a way around the “black hole” problem where job seekers send their resumes in without ever even receiving an acknowledgment that it has been received.

It was slightly disappointing (and ironic) how few speakers actually made use of Twitter to engage the conference goers at a conference devoted to engaging people through Twitter. Two large screens flanking the stage displayed any tweets containing the #twtrcon hashtag, so there was a lot of potential to use these for interaction back and forth between speaker, audience, and the larger audience outside the room. Instead, the screen was filled with tweets and retweets from the audience simply quoting the speakers, ad nauseum. It became giant live-blogging, echo-chamber for most of the the conference.

Things finally got fun towards the end when ReadysetDC’s own @bloch_party promised a cookie to the 200th person that followed him.

#cookiebribe, indeed.

TOP TEN #TWTRCON TWEETS (via @bloch_party)

  1. RT @MiddleOfMayhem: A-M-E-N. There is no social media expert. #TWTRCON(via @aslesinski)

  2. RT @chrisloos Analogy of the day: RT @Jeanne23 Twitter is a sushi conveyor belt moving at 100mph. #twtrcon

  3. Incredible presentation by @scottharrison about online organizing for offline causes like @charitywater thru events like @twestival #twtrcon

  4. RT @danaschwartz83: RT @cuennie “the truth is, this is the most exciting time for journalism that I’ve experienced” @wsj #twtrcon

  5. RT @TWTRCON: “People should tweet, not brands” #twtrcon

  6. Just test drove new analytics app @PeopleBrowsr… Super cool way to gauge the reach of your Tweets. #twtrcon

  7. RT @MiddleofMayhem http://twitpic.com/mhjxv – Twitter nerds. And proud.#twtrcon

  8. #twtrcon – My friend, a DC public school teacher, used @DonorsChoose last year to get supplies for her classroom. It works!! 🙂

  9. I’d rock this on a T-Shirt! RT @cuennie “if you aren’t failing you aren’t trying” @afpaa #twtrcon

  10. RT @chrisloos Too. Much. Metatweeting. #twtrcon

MANY more photos from Vincent Gallegos on Flickr and @ReadysetDC.