New Video: Duck Sauce’s “aNYway”

Funky club and dance music veteran Armand van Helden and Kanye West affiliated beatmaker and DJ A-Trak unified under the Fools’ Gold imprint as Duck Sauce to much fanfare earlier this year. Their debut release, “aNYway” is a disco funk winner that could’ve slayed in 1979 from Studio 54 to the Paradise Garage to 2001 Odyssey and all spots in between. Nationally and internationally this year it’s been a prime track for openers to closers, from discos to downtown bars and Ibiza nightclubs. It’s a winner with fresh guitars, synths and drums, effortlessly re-fit for today with some deft control touches by the duo.

The video for the track, as a precursor to their full album release on October 26th is cute, and tongue in cheek, harkening back and reminiscent of a simpler time. It’s certainly retro, with nods of the head to two influential 70’s live music shows, “Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert” and the Wolfman Jack announced “Midnight Special.” The performance by the slick, Jackson 5 recalling funk outfit is entertaining as well, and now, with a video like this, the rest of the known universe can get their feet tapping to the groove.