New Music (Video): Lazerbitch’s “Coquette”

Baltimore’s Lazerbitch is all about making big moves these days. Fronted by dynamic disco diva ingenue Libby Picken with backing by “Mad Max” Maxwell Houston, the group’s latest single, “Coquette” has hit Beatport and iTunes, and may indeed be their best work to date. A disco electro mash, the classically trained Picken coos sweetly over the single, which definitely should do wonders for raising their profile. A profile raiser as well is the video added here, a cute, non “Coquettish” romp through the streets of Baltimore with guest appearances by the  DJ tandem the 1.21 Jiggawatt Soundsystem, of Andrew Jaye and James Nasty, concluding with a concert scene at local Baltimore watering hole/art gallery the Wind-Up Space, featuring Unruly Records’ own Claire Hux with DJ Morsy. Picken also has recently added her vocals to records by Baltimore’s Deep Sugar Music crew, a testament to her talent as well. DO enjoy “Coquette,” and for more info visit