New Music: Sandpeople – The Dapper Mob


Sandpeople The Dapper Mob (buy from iTunes)

I’ve been sitting on this MP3 from Portland, Oregon’s Sandpeople for a hot minute now, and I apologize for not posting. I’m going over my top songs from the year and I remember that this track is a sleeper.

Sandpeople at its heart is a hip-hop crew, but their song, The Dapper Mob stands out to me, because of its psychedelic rock influences and straight up laid back West Coast emo sound. The group itself is 10 members and growing, and the vast amount of members in their crew allow them to create sub-groups under the Sandpeople brand, bringing different styles and concepts to the group.

Their other stuff is more hip-hop, which is cool, but not as good as The Dapper Mob in my opinion. Check it.