New Music: Norah Jones – Chasing Pirates

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Norah JonesChasing Pirates

I haven’t been the hugest of Norah Jones fans. I first discovered her on theĀ  Nublu SessionsĀ  CD (if you don’t know, get with it) and I always thought that her smooth, sexy vocals were not being properly used on her more country and blues tracks. I always felt that she sounded much better on hip-hop influenced production, but that’s just me. Having that said, I’m loving her newest single, Chasing Pirates which drops the country twang for more pop/R&B sensibilities. Her latest album, titled The Fall, drops November 17th.

BONUS: Q-Tip Feat Norah Jones – Life Is Better

  • ian aka @StellasKid

    I actually do like her music even though it can verge on being a bit sleepy sounding but honestly, who really cares when she looks like that??

  • Stone

    Ha ha, word. She’s newly single too. I’ll have to make a note of that when I got to NYC next month!

  • Sonya

    I can’t believe I like a Reflection music track. Not taking anything away from Norah because I’ve always considered her a talented artist but just like a lot of R&B, it’s hard for me to listen after the first 10 seconds. This track though, I like a lot.

  • Charles

    Norah Jones has the kind of talent that will give her (if she wants) a thirty or forty year career in the music industry. Long after most of the current artists have been forgotten, Norah Jones will still be making music.

  • Cambo-chia

    This woman is a true class act and a genius too (she doesn’ need to play “urban” music anymore either and she’s not)! I caught her at Massey Hall in Toronto on the 23rd. A mature crowd (lots of grey hair). Stone, you ain’t getting anywhere near this lady and I can guarantee you that.

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