Interview: Panacea (with bonus New EP!)



What’s good? This is K-Murdock, one half of DMV hip-hop act Panacea. If you didn’t know, Panacea has been on the scene for a while, combining old-school rhyming with soulful beats, and has drawn comparisons to revered hip-hoppers like the Roots, Gang Starr, and A Tribe Called Quest. Panacea blends Native Tongues-inspired beats with warm major chords and soul samples and add smart, conscious rhymes about life, love, and of course, hip-hop.

Check part 1 of the 3 part interview.

Also, we briefly reference our new EP in the video…

Panacea - "Corkscrew Gaps" (EP)

Panacea - "Corkscrew Gaps" (EP)

…but you can hear exactly what we are talking about if you go and download it for FREE!

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