In Case You Missed It: Handsome Boy Modeling School & Cat Power

by Yvette Travillian
catpower1 Handsome Boy

Handsome Boy Modeling School + Cat Power – I’ve Been Thinking

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Summer’s over. Sorry to start this off with a bummer, but it is. Time for heavy coats, early sunsets and warm music to heat you up: ‘I’ve Been Thinking’ a song by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Cat Power is a perfect tune to do just that.

Most of you know Handsome Boy Modeling School as the zany duo between Prince Paul and Dan the Automator: who as individuals come from incredibly solid hip hop backgrounds (think: Kool Keith and De La Soul) but as a pair are known for their comedic outlook and progressive beats. Then you have Cat Power (born, Chan Marshall): a singer who has dibbled and dabbled in punk, folk and blues since the 90’s.

For HBMS’s 2004 album, White People, the three got together and created something really inimitable. I’ve Been Thinking is definitely one of the standout songs on the album and its really hard to say who shines most on this: Handsome Boy who simply produces an incredible track – which I guess could described as…R&Bish with a… jazz-like twist(?); or Cat Power whose vocals are just so smooth and loveable with lyrics that are relatable to probably every girl I know.

Cat Power and Handsome Boy Modeling School… Hmmm… On paper this may (or may not) sound like an odd pairing but on wax it’s a great combo. Check it out  in case you missed it.

  • Stone

    I’m not a huge Cat Power fan, but I’ve always LOVED this song. Her voice is simply lovely on this track and they production was low key enough to emphasize her sexy vocals instead of drowning them out.

    White People is one of my favorite albums of all time. Good look for reminding me of how great it was. My favorite song was Greatest Mistake with John Oates:

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