DOWNLOAD: Presents Fire In The Dark


DOWNLOAD: Presents Fire In The Dark (FREE)

My homie Rob Fields of the Black Rock Coalition and put together this AMAZING compilation of diverse and talented 17 black rock, Afro-punk and black alternative music bands from all over the world. Artists on this compilation include some of my favorites, such as The Smyrk, California King, and The Family Stand.

A Special Note from Rob:

And I just want to be clear with everyone: Yes, this compilation is FREE. But if you like what you hear from any of the artists, please consider buying their full length albums or EPs. Many of the artists on the compilation have albums or EPs available on If Amazon sees sales increases on existing catalog that they can correlate to artists who are on the compilation, then the whole exercise is worth it to them. Maybe they’ll be open to my doing volume 2 next year.

This is how you make progressive culture matter in the marketplace.

No doubt.