Baltimore Club Banger of the Year: Say Wut’s “Streets of Baltimore”

by Marcus K. Dowling


Say WhutStreets of Baltimore

If you missed out on the Senari x Couch Sessions “Big Bang” party over the weekend, aside from getting to rub shoulders with the likes of DJ Booman, Jimmy Jones (“of “Watch Out for the Big Girl” fame), KW Griff, and a plethora of other Baltimore club legends and current beat assassins, you definitely missed one of the maiden voyages of being played out in a club of the latest heat from Unruly Records club producer Say Wut, “Streets of Baltimore.” It has been quite awhile since I’ve heard something soooo funky coming from Baltimore, as with the move towards hip hop credibility made by DJ Class with “I’m the Shit,” and Mullyman’s “Bmore Go Harder,” the funk has been replaced by something a bit more simplistic, and derivative of the classic Bmore style, without advancing the genre forward. Enter “Streets of Baltimore.” For awhile now, I’ve been watching classic 70s blaxploitation movies and TV shows more than usual, and the sounds of Henry Mancini’s orchestra and Dennis Coffey’s epic wah wah guitar and any backing orchestra have especially stood out as ripe to be sampled, namely in the horn loving, hard breaking genre of Baltimore club.

As if manna from heaven comes Say Wut’s latest. The producer, a longtime veteran of the scene and perpetual banger creator samples the theme of the well respected early seventies crime drama “Streets of San Francisco” by Henry Mancini’s Orchestra. The sample of trumpets and drums seemingly involved in a impossible, perilous and perpetual high speed chase up and down Lombard Street with the break beat from Sagat’s classic hit “Funk Dat” definitely lifts the track from the west coast, and dumps them somewhere zipping along Howard Street or MLK, making their way to Charles Street to have a showdown at the Paradox, true Baltimore flavor.

The track is massive, and has already been added immediately to most if not every major underground DJ in the country’s set list. Do take a listen, and hear the sound that everyone will be getting down with that is sure to keep the clubs warmer as the temperature grow colder.

  • Zyrus Campbell

    Definitely a dope rendition. I was trying to hit some B’more spots this past weekend while the kids were away. Ended up partying over a friends house listening to old school soul, funk and R&B. Classic!

    Maybe next time…

    And if anyone’s got any suggestions, please let me know. I haven’t been to a B’more club since HammerJacks and y’all know that was YEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSS ago…


  • Blastercase

    Ahhh….so that’s the “Streets of San Francisco you were talking about…Great use of the sample by Say Wut. The music at that party was spot on….big ups!

  • Stone

    Zyrus, we had a party in Baltimore on Saturday!! Even tho it ended on a sour note (had issues with the venue) King Tutt spun, and Booman was there as well. I’ll keep you posted on when we do it again.

    This track is an amazing flip of Streets of San Francisco, which is a rare find in itself. I agree…club banger of the year!

  • Blastercase

    Stone, you guys and Puja did everything in your power to make that joint pop off….(which is was until dude killed the sound) so don’t even stress it. That GM was a jerk from the moment we walked in…plus they even jacked Tutts bday cake. Good meeting you all. Seriously looking forward to the next party you guys throw…Keep it up.

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