Review: Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon…End of Day

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Kid Cudi
Man on the Moon…End of Day

Is there any room for self-deprecating hip-hop? The genre has always been about masochism, from the early days of rap battles to today’s conquests about how many hos a rapper can get and how much bottles of champagne they can pop before the night is over.

But hip-hop has rarely ventured into the realms of utter emoness. Until Kid Cudi. His latest album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day Talk about fear, paranoia, and the usual. For hip-hop and even blog  this is groundbreaking, but after 6 songs of this it got downright annoying.

Narrated by Common in “bedtime story” format, End Of Day seemed like a concept that sounded good after multiple tokes of the good stuff.

Somebody on Twitter described this album as one big run-on sentence. Its true, the beats carry the same pattern and Cudi’s monotonous rap/singing tone is only broken up by the pop friendly “Make Her Say” and the emo rock “Up, Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)”. If I were driving, I most likely would have ran off the road with the ultra low key approach to production. Bedtime story indeed. Other than that the project is unforgettable, with tracks like “Solo Dolo (Nightmare)” and the already leaked, already dissed “The Sky Might Fall,” fall way short of their marks.

What would have helped Cudi was if he dropped the more upbeat (yet “left-field”) mixtape tracks like “Cudi Get,” and “Embrace the Martian,” with it’s only purpose to break the monotony. Of course the

As someone who LOVES left-field music, and a dude who cosigned both 808s and Heartbreak and Common’s Electric Circus, I was waiting for Cudi to break boundaries with End of Days.  This is not about this album being mainstream enough or even hip-hop enough, it’s about an album just being good. Unfortunately, I can’t cosign the “goodness” of this album, yet I still think that Cudi has a lot of greatness in him. The dude just needs to get more focused for his next effort. Don’t count him out yet.

  • Sonya

    My sentiments exactly…no sob Hip Hop aka Reflection Hip Hop music. I will say again that I think this album would be much better if and when performed live.

  • Crimson King

    This review is total shit.

    First off, Common’s narrations were perfect. They added to the songs, and pushed the story along. What’s so wrong about that? They weren’t “bedtime story” like in the least. Sky Might Fall… amazing. How could you say that it fell “short of its mark”? When I heard the leaked version a few months ago, I loved it… when I heard that he would be adding another verse and an orchestra, I couldn’t wait. And I felt that Sky Might Fall was spectacular in its final version. I would even go so far as to say that it is a classic. Solo Dolo… what’s wrong with it? Loved it.

    Simple As… another great song. What about Pursuit of Happiness? That song was perfect… probably the best one on the album. Heart of a Lion… how could you write a review without mention these songs? Oh… that’s right… they’re some of the best songs on the album.

    “I told you, no I’ll never let you drag me down to Hell.” Great line. This album had some of the best lyrics in any album I have ever heard. It’s real. It’s dark. It’s from the heart. All of those are what Hip-Hop is missing. In my eyes, the album is perfect. Man on the Moon: Ghost in the Machine will be ever better.

    I will leave with a line from Cudi:

    “I gotta terminate the hate, spread the positive.”

  • Anthony Mandala

    I agree with Crimson King. What did you do when you decided to review this? Listen to it once right after you had been listening to the new Raekwon album all day? Open up a little bit and stop searching for classics remade by artists fifteen years ago, those days are gone. This album is pure bliss and you need to give it another listen. Cuban Lynx 2, as dope as it is, is a fresh version of shit that has already been done in hip hop. Man On The Moon is truly innovative and gives hope to genre trying to identify itself in a new age.

  • Thematrix

    Way to be closed mind OP. Come on man the days of gangster rap our over. Terrible review this album is a classic and he’ll have grammys to show for it, mark my words.

  • Matthew Finn

    If you’re going to write a review at least don’t fcuk up on the title, fool. And, also try to realize that KiD CuDi is on another level than other rappers. That’s not to say he is better or worse, but he is just on another level. That means you need to forget about your ignorant bullsiht thoughts about how you can’t open your heart and mind in hip-hop. One of the best songs, CuDi Zone, is completely overlooked in your lackluster review. He actually sings on the chorus and unlike the much-hyped Drizzy Drake Rogers, he isn’t singing about fcuking bithces and getting money, he’s rapping about meaningful siht. Re-listen to this album, please. The production, the style, and the setup are one of a kind in rap. They are truly original and truly heartfelt. Oh and by the way… if you’re quoting tweets in a review you lose all credibility. Just for future reference. Fool.

  • Marcus Dowling

    What people need to truly understand is that Cudi’s album needed to be a door opener to a style, and not the be all, end all of the “emo hop” trend it attempts to be. Fans of this album are the same people who look at his internet fame as indicative of mainstream success. Cudi is out of left field, but if we seriously look at his most successful offerings, they are the ones that are most mainstream in style and content, “Day n Nite” and “Make Her Say.”

    It’s one thing if Cudi were presented as an artist for the underground. But he’s not. This isn’t an artist (yet) who can make this album. Something needed to be conceded to the concept of allowing this man to resonate in the mainstream consciousness. Cudi’s fame is still in incubation. As big of a fan as you may be of an artist when he has the freedom of existing beneath the mainstream structure, there’s something to when an MTV jumps on board that has to be initially sacrificed, but later returned to, like say, Kanye as an example.

    There’s a reason why Drake is lauded. He’s being groomed and handled masterfully. Cudi, well, not so much. The album is an artistically muddled non debut. Cudi blew his proverbial wad. Quality control, friends. Quality control.

  • Neil

    This seemed like a fair review to me, these defensive posts are hilarious. I didn’t see any twitter quotes in there, Mr. Finn.

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  • guccimane

    Kid Cudi is the Dashboard Confessional of rap.

  • Krimson Guard

    This is probably he worst review for this album. This album is a masterpiece and obviously you cannot find the true artistic side of his lyrics and beats. Kid cudi is the future of hip hop whether you like it or not

  • Stone

    Obviously you guys haven’t been reading this site. I’ve been a steadfast support of Cudi and his brand of hip-hop for a while now. Unlike most of y’all, I’ve actually met the dude personally and shared a stage with him.

    Musically and personally, I fall more on the Kid Cudi side of hip-hop than….lets say, Jim Jones. I’ve support other urban alternative acts like Janelle Monae and Solange. I’ve got mad support for Class of 09 artists like Wale and Asher Roth.

    So to say that I somehow like “gangsta” rap or hate what Cudi is really dosen’t know jack about me or what I do. Go at my review yes, but don’t make assumptions about me personally.

    Sorry people, the album falls flat. Plain and simple. Accept it and move on.

  • Combo

    Not sure siding with a flair-up like Asher is gonna redeem your hiphop credibility. My man it seems as if you gave this album a quick listen and underwrote a dude with some real talent. Sure its different and filled with melancholy undertones, but it comes from the heart and shouldn’t be reduced to a classification like “utter emoness”. Sorry if the concept of the album wasn’t what you were expecting, but real hip-hop needs to be supported. Cudi you killed it, thanks for the lyrical blessings.

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Can’t a dude just have an opinion? Geez…





  • Sum

    I think what the man is trying to say is that an artist can push boundaries without losing his balls. I’m not sure if Cudi ever had balls and grit in his music to begin with, but if he did, mayhaps he left them off of this album. And the reviewer doesn’t have to like the album just because it’s opening new doors, by the way. Progressive music can still be weak.

  • mod

    LOL at milwaukee lateef.

    and furthermore, shit just got real with these comments. goodness. incredible though. i like marcus’ comment, alothught i don’t agree all the way. i think the album is trill, man. i just don’t know why you guys consider it hip hop when it’s clearly a new genre of music. it’s space ship music and that’s all there is to it. now, is it somewhat of a problem that i don’t know any cudi verses? like literally i couldn’t spit you anything more than 4 bars straight off the album even though i’ve heard every song several, several times? yeah and no. yes because the man is muttering sometimes. lol. and no because it’s ok. i enjoy just jamming out. and he just has some lines that are just so epic. he says “shut your mouth before i fuck it.”

    music is opinion. which is why i never review shit. cuz my opinion means next to nothing to the next man. i do, however, see where stone is coming from, so i hear what he’s tryna say. i’m just of the school of thought that doesn’t really think it should be reviewed by tradtional hip hop standards.

  • Big A

    Fuck you guccimane. Kid Cudi is a lyrical genius.

    • 45

      fuck you stone. you a fake ass nigga that gotta hate on cudi cuz you got no talent. shame.

  • Big A

    All I’m saying is that this dude don’t have to rap about pussy, money, weed all the time he can rap about real life situations, the struggles people have everyday. Somewhat like my nigga Tupac. Fuck you fake ass niggas trying to act like you know rap music. There’s no genre it’s just music. Cudi like I said before a lyrical genius.
    Peace out pusssys.

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  • Danstada97

    u suck. cudi is the greatest this album is an awesome album. i can listen to this album all day and not get bored

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