Review: Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon…End of Day


Kid Cudi
Man on the Moon…End of Day

Is there any room for self-deprecating hip-hop? The genre has always been about masochism, from the early days of rap battles to today’s conquests about how many hos a rapper can get and how much bottles of champagne they can pop before the night is over.

But hip-hop has rarely ventured into the realms of utter emoness. Until Kid Cudi. His latest album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day Talk about fear, paranoia, and the usual. For hip-hop and even blog  this is groundbreaking, but after 6 songs of this it got downright annoying.

Narrated by Common in “bedtime story” format, End Of Day seemed like a concept that sounded good after multiple tokes of the good stuff.

Somebody on Twitter described this album as one big run-on sentence. Its true, the beats carry the same pattern and Cudi’s monotonous rap/singing tone is only broken up by the pop friendly “Make Her Say” and the emo rock “Up, Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)”. If I were driving, I most likely would have ran off the road with the ultra low key approach to production. Bedtime story indeed. Other than that the project is unforgettable, with tracks like “Solo Dolo (Nightmare)” and the already leaked, already dissed “The Sky Might Fall,” fall way short of their marks.

What would have helped Cudi was if he dropped the more upbeat (yet “left-field”) mixtape tracks like “Cudi Get,” and “Embrace the Martian,” with it’s only purpose to break the monotony. Of course the

As someone who LOVES left-field music, and a dude who cosigned both 808s and Heartbreak and Common’s Electric Circus, I was waiting for Cudi to break boundaries with End of Days.  This is not about this album being mainstream enough or even hip-hop enough, it’s about an album just being good. Unfortunately, I can’t cosign the “goodness” of this album, yet I still think that Cudi has a lot of greatness in him. The dude just needs to get more focused for his next effort. Don’t count him out yet.