Photos: A Day Out With Adam Tensta

If you’ve been keeping up with us here at The Couch Sessions, you may have seen Stone’s Adam Tensta teaser. This is now my photo follow up…


It had been previously decided that the shoot would be in and around the area of Florida Avenue known fondly as “The Block”.  Mr. Tensta and his crew made up of rapper Eboi and DJ Rooftop had expressed interest in seeing Commonwealth and For The Greater Good. So I more or less followed them around while they checked out clothes and kicks.





Then, with Adam rocking some things he found at FTGG, he was kind (and patient) enough to pose for me, even after I asked him to change something about his look that he liked (Sorry!).


(Yes, I had him stand on a found mattress. I’ll probably add it to my collection of mattress photos.)






Unfortunately I missed the concert at the Swedish Embassy due to some religious and cultural obligations. However, I heard it was an amazing show, and I’m definitely looking forward to our Swedish friends returning sometime soon, hopefully.

If you want to see the whole photoset, check it out at my Flickr album and also stay tuned for more Adam Tensta coming at you soon!