New Music: theCaesarz


theCaesarz – Blow

Last time I talked with Grammy nominated producer Kokayi, he was telling me about his new project, theCaesarz, which is a take on psychedelic soul and funk, which is doused with steady shots of electro. You might remember the DMV-based producer for his work with soul singer Wayna, theCaesarz, however is on a whole different trip. He already explored these realms with his Dastardly project with DC mainstay Sharkey, yet, and The Caesars is yet another chapter in his quest to be a man of many talents.

One thing you notice about All Hail…it goes hard and sacrifices nothing, and is one of the most unique sounds I’ve heard come out of the DMV since the emo era. Funny thing is, this record was not even meant to be performed by Kokayi himself, but to be sold to other artists.

This record was written with the express intent to sell to an artist or artists whom i felt could best translate the thoughts, angst , sorrow and joy of these excerpts from my life. The record has sat on countless hard drives and in inboxes of my many cohorts in this music thing. When sharing the songs via email, I expressed my insecurity in releasing the work with such heavy laden baggage attached, hence my reasoning to have someone else perform them, so that they could be judged. It didn’t work. My friends said that I should put it out there, loosely translated as..”put you out there” so that I could take on the onus of ownership. Bah humbug. So in the words of some writer who wrote it for David Alan Greer’s character ‘Calhoun Tubbs’ on the inimitable In Living Color, “I wrote a song about it, Like to hear it,? Here it go!”…ahhh haaaaa…. – Kokayi (theCaesarz)

The Caesarz EP All Hail can be found at iTunes and Amazon.