New Music: Electric Wire Hustle


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Electric Wire Hustle – They Don’t Want

To name your group after a song on a much derided hip-hop album is a bold step, but New Zealand’s Electric Wire Hustle seem to take that in stride, whilst dropping some of the hottest soul I’ve heard in a while. Led by the stylistic vocals of Mara TK, EWH seems to have in abundance what is missing with modern soul music today, drawing comparisons to American artists D’Angelo, and Marvin Gaye, without even the hint of Auto-Tune. Let it also be noted that the band is cosigned by such acts as the Platnum Pied Pipers, Sa-RA, and Notable guests include Stacy Epps and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

And forget whatever stereotype you’ve heard about New Zealand. Between Electric Wire Hustle and Fat Freddy’s Drop, it might be the most soulful country on Earth right now. (via my homegirl Whitney)