In Case You Missed (or forgot) It: Esthero aka Bratticus “When I Fall In Love”


EstheroWhen I Fall In Love

I’ve gotta start this one off with a deep sigh… It really sucks when you have a favorite artist with an immense amount of talent and a plethora of dope hits, but  for some reason seems to remain unsigned and only puts out music on the every-now-and-then. Yes, I know I’m not alone in my continued fixation with Toronto’s Esthero. An artist who to this day is in constant rotation in  my iPod and someone who continues to re-introduce herself to  music fans across the world -all while keeping the old fans impatiently waiting for new tunes.

Esthero’s bio definitely stands strong with three albums,  Breath From Another, We R In Need of A Musical Revolution and Wikked Lil’ Grrrls as well as some great nuggets of hotness that she manages to to sneak in when we’re least expecting it; a few being OG Bitch, Final Home, Nearly Civilized and a handful of awesome remixes to Fastlane. Oh,  and did I mention that she also helped Kanye pen ‘Love Lockdown’ on his 808’s & Heartbreak album? Crazy right?…

One particular ‘nugget of hotness’ that is my personal favorite and one that quite a few people I know missed or just some how forgot is the underground house jam (do people still say jam?), “When I Fall In Love”.

Esthero who for the song  goes under the alias Bratticus,  covered a very popular jazz standard (written by Edward Heymen and Victor Young ) for a house/dance soundtrack called Axus –  Soundtrack for Life way back in 2000. Considering the song has been covered  many of times by great artists’ like Etta James, Nat King Cole and Doris Day, she definitely had her work cut out for her, but in my opinion banged in out tremendously. Esthero’s Bratticus’ vocals are so sweet and so pure against a hard deep house track that  you have no choice but to believe her when she sings about ‘giving her heart and falling in love completely’.

I know, for those fans like me who still listen to this song every so often, this may just make you more aggravated at the thought of not knowing exactly when her next new song will be surfacing online (although the word is she will be releasing some new sounds called State of Emergency Vs Esthero, ‘Love For Just One Night’, sometime soon), but for now, in case you missed it or simply just forgot about it, enjoy When I Fall In Love. Believe me, it will make you happy.