In Case You Missed It: The Knife


The KnifeHeartbeats

Some months back Pandora Radio introduced me to a brother and sister duo out of Sweden that made me literally stop and think, “How in the world did I miss this??” So in cased you missed it too, let me put you on to Karin Dreijer Andersson and her brother Olof Dreijer better known as The Knife. A band that’s been around since 1999 but definitely somehow slipped through many cracks here in the States.

With Karin’s vocals coming off strained and slightly manipulated and Olof’s beats a twisted mash up of 80’s techno (synthesizers and all) with a modernized pop-rock-electro feel; somehow and someway the Knife totally works. The music they put out is almost as odd as their look (which usually consists of Venetian style masks formed as black bird beaks or Carnival masks) – a sound they consider to be dark, creepy and cold but I consider to be innovative, peculiar and extremely hot.

With three albums and a soundtrack under their belt, unfortunately we can’t expect to hear anything new for who knows how long. The incognito duo decided to take a three year hiatus back in 2007, and if they’re straight up about this then we still have many months to go before we’ll possibly hear any new hotness (though Karin did release a solo album this past March under the alias Fever Ray).

But for now check out Heartbeats from their album Deep Cuts as an introduction. This song has a dope track and insane vocals that grabs your attention immediately. And if you’re hooked like I was maybe then move on to Neon from their first album, The Knife followed by Got 2 Let U also off Heartbeats.

It’s becoming pretty obvious that Sweden is really starting to push out some hot music (Little Dragon anyone?) so I definitely will be keeping my ears open for both new and old sounds coming out of place that for a lot of people is mainly know for platinum blondes and IKEA.