Fashion Night Out: Dekka – Fashion, Art and Music

As Lady Glock covered Place5ive on DC’s Fashion Night Out last Thursday. I was able to hit up Dekka on U St and even got a few words in with the co-owner of the place, Josh Tiktin, also known as JMC.

So what is Dekka? Dekka is not just a regular boutique, but (in Josh’s own words) it’s more of a collective. Dekka mixes it up with homegrown art, music and fashions. Started around a year and half ago by Josh and his wife, Luciana (also a fashion designer herself), Dekka started out with trying to get a place for about 10-12 people selling their creative goods. In 4 months there were already 35 artists/designers selling their stuff through Dekka. Currently there are about 25 members whose work can be seen and purchased at Dekka.

dekka  016

Growing with mostly word of mouth at first, press has been pretty good for Dekka so far. The Dekka founders has to at first look for the artists and designers they wanted to promote and feature, but now people come to them. Dekka exudes a very positive and fun vibe. Josh described Dekka as more of like a stepping stone for artists and designers who want to take their work to the next level. The art work is diverse, ranging from photography to painting. And the fashions are equally so, from the ethnic African to the customized Converse to the masses of jewelry, they even got some nice home furnishings too!

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Now, DC’s a city with a lot going on. To a lot of people in the U.S, not in the DMV area, the cultural city vibe of DC isn’t what comes to mind when they hear about Washington. Recently, there has been a kind of change in the city, people are trying to add to the city’s culture- art, music, fashion/style, just the feeling of being a city with interesting people and not just politics. I asked Josh what and how Dekka adds to DC’s culture.

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Josh mentioned that there isn’t that much marketing done for DC’s cultural scene – it’s usually the politics people see and not what DC really has to offer. Dekka, in it’s own ways, is trying to expand by attempting to raise it’s profile and buzz about itself. Dekka has recieved attention from NY blogs and even had some coverage in a publication based in Paris. Despite, politics in DC taking the center stage in mainstream media, DC’s people will always be around. Fashion, art and music are methods of communication- with supporters of these ‘new times’ in DC, hopefully this city can really get it’s own city scenes known.

DC- a “capital” of new thought and innovation.

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For more on Dekka, visit their site