DC’s Party Bros Go Retro w/ “OoohBayBay” video!

We’ve seen DC’s Gavin Holland here at the Couch Sessions before. The DC selector and remixer is one third of the “Nouveau Riche” gang of party throwers along with Nacey and Steve Starks, whose EP opened a lot of eyes this year with it’s incredible depth and scope of dance styles, from deep house to disco synths, with Philly club and a visit to dubstep as well. Well, Gavin is a bit of a different animal than the duo, a guy who feels as comfortable dropping The Immortals’ “Mortal Kombat” as he is the Duck Sauce instant classic “aNYwhere,” often in the same set. He joins with DC’s classic disco and deep house selector and remixer extraordinaire Chris Burns to create the Party Bros unit, a grouping that succeeds ultimately in harnessing Holland’s whimsical and very ironic musical imagination, and providing some solid, very danceable, minimal but powerful structure. The New Kids on the Block sampling “OoohBayBay” is their first mystical concoction, and is the perfect laid back summer track, and presented below is the perfect laid back summer video.

Ever wanted a clue of what the DC “hipster” and art house party scene typically looks like? Look no further than this clip. From promoters to copious amounts of DURKL gear, perpetual denizens to DJs to yours truly (bald black man often seen), the video features nothing but locals looking hot and behaving ridiculously. Masterfully directed by rising local director Patrick Longstreth (expect an interview with him dropping soon on the site), and with cinematic cues from everything from Caddyshack to The Sandlot,  featuring Matthew Lesko (yes, the question mark suit guy), a metric ton of Pabst Blue Ribbon, and enough cute 80s and 90s references to leave you giggly, the video is a success in a year of nothing but a groundswell of success for the DMV.

Without further ado, The Party Bros “OoohBayBay.” Do enjoy!