Brittany Bosco Re-Releases SPECTRUM with New Tracks, NYC Shows


DOWNLOAD: Brittany Bosco Spectrum 2.0 EP

We all fell in love with Brittany Bosco when her Spectrum EP dropped way back in 2008. Well here it is close to 2010 and Ms. Bosco wants everyone to know that she hasn’t gone anywhere.

Bosco’s spectrum re-released this week with four new tracks on Bandcamp (aka my NEW favorite music distribution service). ALSO, she will be playing not one but two shows in NYC in September for Fashion Week on the heels of a European tour.

If you enjoyed Spectrum as much as I did (she was a Top 5 to Watch in 2009 Remember), then you will LOVE the new tracks, my favorite being “Love Thing,” and “It Was You.” These tracks building on her already solid original EP.

Catch Ms. Bosco in NYC during her two shows in September. I know a few of y’all are already planning to roll through, so if you’re in the Big Apple, make sure to put these on your agenda:

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