VIDEO: KJ – Repeat

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Don’t get mad. 2009 Toronto is the city of the year. Even though people in the T.O. have been on the grind for a while, only recently has the city emerged in America’s consciousness, with acts like Drake, Melanie Fiona, K’Naan breaking through, and artists like The Carps and now KJ on deck. The video was filmed in one long take, and this beat might be the hottest thing I’ve heard all year. (props to Jahmal for the look)

  • Bulletproofsoul

    It’s the new north baby & we gunnin’ for #1.
    It would be nice to get the mp3 of this track.
    Great work on the site

  • ian aka @StellasKid

    We got more fiya too! Check the Spek Won video I just posted. I’m still mad that you got to post to post this a month before me though. I understand I gotta crib most of my hipster and DMV stuff from you (and them PDS bols), but I gotta follow you on my own hometown stuff too?? It’s all love, though, daddy….

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