Up next from DC’s vibrant dance music scene, DMERIT

If you have lived under a rock for the past year, 2009 has taught the musical universe one key lesson. DC is up next. From the sounds of Wale, to the up and comers like Phil Ade and Don Juan, the Capital City is making giant moves. As well, in the dance music scene, the Couch Sessions has featured Steve Starks, Nacey and Will Eastman this year to much fanfare. However, arguably the most deserving of a close critical eye from those in the know in the musical vanguard, and hopefully a duo I’d love to nominate as Couch Sessions approved artists, Micah Vellian and Outputmessage, Dmerit.

Imagine Daft Punk dipped even further in sweet, soulful vintage disco funk. Imagine synths that reach for the moon, with basslines that are so deep that aim for the sixth circle of hell, creating an otherworldly groove that will delight even the most hardened musical heart. Dmerit, comprised of totally underrated DC producer Micah Vellian, and internationally recognized 80s synth pop remixer and DJ Outputmessage, have taken a love of French house, disco, soul, pop and funk, and synthesized it into this most confectionery of collaborations. The guys played a live PA set at Will Eastman’s 9th Anniversary of Blisspop party last Saturday as the openers, featuring Outputmessage with live synths and Micah Vellian laying down funktastic basslines, and like Kanye says on “Jesus Walks,” it was enough to “turn atheists into believers.” Simply phenomenal.

On Tuesday, the duo released their Stuck on You EP on iTunes, and the remix of the eponymous track by Phantom Revenge has already been featured on BBC1, and local DC legend DJ Stereo Faith stated, “Easily the hottest shit to come out of our city ever.”

<a href="http://dmerit.bandcamp.com/album/stuck-on-you-ep">Stuck On You by Dmerit</a>

Definitely take a listen, and get in on the ground floor. This train is leaving the station, and is moving fast.