UK Tings: MJ Cole feat Digga – Gotta Have It


MJ ColeGotta Have It (feat Digga)

MJ Cole’s music was the soundtrack of my life when I lived in London.

Back in the early part of this decade, you couldn’t walk 2 feet without hearing an MJ Cole, Artful Dodger, or Craig David (pre-R&B) track. The sound known as 2-Step Garage dominated the clubs, malls, and and TV sets of Britian.

But just as the trend took off, it died. The music, signified by it’s off-kilter beat, went from dominating the club scene in London to being relegaed to backrooms and house parties only a year later. The dirtier, heavier, grime sound emerged, stripping away any house or R&B influences, and the sound has become a passing mystery. And even though the genre relied heavily on US influences, the sound never took off in the States.

MJ Cole, one 2-step’s pioneers is back, however with a new release on his own label, Prolific recordings. The track, called “Gotta Have It,” retains all the classic grarage characteristics, however it feels refreshed and updated for 2009, with its sights at UK pop radio. Cole is also headlining Wednesday’s Deviation session in London which is already getting great buzz.

Check out MJ Cole’s classic track Sincere. DJ’s need to drop this in the club NOW:

MJ Cole – Sincere

Also, if you’re in LDN, check MJ Cole at the Gramaphone on Wednesday with BBC 1Xtra’s Benji B: