Songs with the Same Title, I Present to you “Starstruck” by Various Artists

So Lady Glock had this idea that everyone could do, and she has a point – many songs share the same title across a multitude of genres/styles. Here are songs that are titled “Starstruck”.

Let’s start with my favorite, Starstruck by Santigold.

And here’s the plethora of others (some good, others… not so much)

Starstruck by Lady Gaga feat. Flo-Rida and Space Cowboy (I like the beginning to this song)

Starstruck by Rainbow (Pretty cool)

Starstruck by 3OH!3 (Can’t say it’s that good…)

Starstruck by The Kinks (Very nice.)

The variety of what music is out there with the same title/similar subject (in some cases) is pretty interesting to look through. And if you got anymore Starstruck ‘d songs share it in your comment!