Songs With The Same Title…”Breathe”

So this was a post idea I came up with while searching through my iTunes on a plane. I was looking for a particular song and realized that there are a lot of songs that have the same name, but are obviously completely different, from different artists in different genres.

Then I thought, wow…wouldn’t it be cool to compare all the songs that have the same title, just to see how different they really all are?

This is the result…and there will be more…because there are a lot of songs that have the same title. The first title I chose is “Breathe”. There are so many songs called “Breathe” it’s not even funny.

I’m going to post some tracks as videos and others I’ll just link, because some of them can’t be embedded. Also, if I miss any,  leave me a comment and let me know!

Ok, so here goes:


Telepopmusik released their track “Breathe” in 2002. The pop track gained popularity after it was featured in the 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander commercial.


There’s no video for Raheem Devaughn’s “Breathe” (from his 2005 The Love Experience) that I could find, but it is an awesome track that really shows off his vocal range and talent.

A few years ago, Lenny Kravitz did a promotional track with Absolut Vodka. The track (which was obviously called “Breathe”) was then remixed by a number of other artists including Jazzanova, Eric Roberson, Chromeo, The Presets, Ashley Beedle and Little Louie Vega (who did the above remix).The track was exclusive for Absolut and was only available for free download on their website.
Stone already did a great post about Blitz The Ambassador’s track “Breathe”. If you want to go directly to the video, click here.
Taylor Swift (seen here with T-Pain, because this is the only picture of her I could stomach because it wasn’t some romantic-y image of her being a heartbroken teen with a wonky eye) also has a track called “Breathe”. I am so not a Taylor Swift fan, but for the sake of variety I’m including some artists I don’t like as well. The track also features Colbie Caillat, whom I have never heard of but who is apparently well known.

Country singer Faith Hill has a classic track “Breathe” and this one actually has a video!

You might not recognize Anna Nalick’s name, but you’ll definitely remember her song “Breathe”.  From her 2005 debut album Wreck of the Day, the track was first on Joan of Arcadia and then on Grey’s Anatomy.

Who could forget the classic song “Breathe” from the group The Prodigy? I mean the song is a CLASSIC for anyone who was into that hardcore techno (like the stuff from the “Hackers” soundtrack) in the 90’s. And the video is nuts!

I guess you could put this under the “What Happened To…?” category as well. Who remembers the Blu Cantrell and Sean Paul hit “Breathe”? The horn sample was off the hook…

Michelle Branch

And last but not least (for this post at any rate) is Michelle Branch, who had a track “Breathe” on her 2003 album “Hotel Paper”. The track was number one in the Phillippenes and I know this because it has it’s own Wikipedia page.

Actually, this isn’t the last track called “Breathe” that I found, but if I kept posting videos, the post might start getting a bit ridiculous. So I’m just gonna tack on a list of links to other bands below.

Pink Floyd“Breathe”

Angels and Airwaves“Breathe”

(And yeah, that is the guy from Blink-182…no not Travis Barker…the other one…no not that guy either…the OTHER one.)

Midge Ure“Breathe”

Breaking Benjamin“Breathe”

So that does it for this week’s song title. As you can see, “Breathe” is a VERY popular title. Hopefully, y’all enjoyed this little interlude. And by all means, if I forgot any tracks, PLEASE leave me a comment letting me know!.