Ricky Raw Breaks Down Mariah, Nick, and Eminiem

Ricky Raw’s The Rawness Blog is one of my favorite reads. He leaves the sensationalism and bs at the door, and breaks down everything from masculinity, to race, to pop culture from a psychological perspective. (His breakdown of Michael Jackson’s life is nothing short of brilliant).

For the most part, I usually don’t post about gossip or beef anymore. I have my own drama in my life, so why in the hell do I care about millionaires arguing?

However, this Eminiem-Mariah-Nick Cannon feud has me intrigued. When Eminiem was mocked in Mariah’s latest video for the track Obsessed, em took to the mic, dropping a scathing 3 minute diss against his former fling. Em’s diss, which dropped last week, highlighted not only his phenomenal (yet sick) rhyming abilities, but his Obsession with a woman that he dated briefly years ago. The dude is unhealthy and most likely needs help…but we know that already.

But what does hubby Nick Cannon do in this situation? And what should you do if faced with the same situation? Ricky breaks it down:

Three mistakes here: First mistake, if you’re going to dismiss a beef as being beneath you, you should just dismiss it once firmly and be done with it unless the opponent keeps coming back at you harder and harder. By saying it doesn’t matter over and over and over, Cannon gives the impression that it doesmatter. If he pulled such a move right after Eminem’s first volley, it would have been the right thing to do. Jay-Z recently did something similar with attention-whore rapper The Game. But Cannon made the mistake of publicly calling Eminem out on the carpet and threatening him, so after he put himself out there like that with such a blatant warning and his bluff has been called, there’s no turning back and playing the high road now. He backed himself into a corner and taking the high road after warning somebody that there’d be hell to pay if they crossed you again just makes him look weak. So his second mistake was, never make a threat unless you know you are willing to carry it out and specifically know HOW you are going to carry it out. Because if the person calls your bluff and you’re caught hesitating and you wait until then to think of how to proceed, you’ve already lost. For Cannon to respond with platitudes like that at this point is like bringing knives to a gunfight. This is a guy who has rapped multiple songs calling his wife a whore and fantasizing about killing her, written songs attacking his mother and has pulled out guns on multiple people. What did you expect to happen when you called him out, and why weren’t you prepared for it?!

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To me Nick Cannon’s third and biggest mistake though was marrying a woman like Mariah Carey in the first place. This woman has had a history of hanging out with guys so far out of his league when it comes to griminess and bad boy attitude. After her split with Tommy Mottolla, this woman was utterly immersed in the world of hip-hop and urban entertainment. Any chick who is so heavily involved and embroiled in the rap and urban entertainment world as Mariah Carey was for so many years is bound to have some psycho, thug and gangster bad boy skeletons in her closet. Even if she says she never dated or had sex with any guys in this bad circle, it doesn’t matter, because women often lie to cover up their scandalous pasts, and men often lie to boost their number of conquests, and once you’re caught in the middle of a he-say, she-say situation, you already lose. You never know who to believe because there’s no way to prove anything. Even if she and Eminem disagree on the extent of the fling, they both admit there was some degree of a fling between them. That should be all you need to know when it comes to whether or not to marry her.

A woman’s past is always potentially your problem when you become serious with her, so you have to know what level of conflict you’re built for and if your woman’s social circle is well beyond that level, don’t enter a relationship with her.

In addition to destroying any childhood fantasies I had about Mariah, Eminiem’s diss highlights her missteps as well. I’m not saying that she was “asking for it,” but mocking a such a mentally disturbed creature for millions to see was certainly going to call for some retaliation. I feel like she knew exactly what she’s doing and can’t play the angel in this fiasco. And let’s not forget that Carey has had a checkered past as well. Nick on the other hand is the unlucky bastard caught up in the middle. A smart man would’ve put the kibosh on the Obsessed video concept before the first take.

What do y’all think?

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