New Video: Amanda Blank “Might Like You Better”

I’m not the biggest Amanda Blank fan, even though I like a few tracks she’s been on…and I’m not saying that if her song came on in the club I’d stop dancing…I just am not really big on her. Still, I thought maybe watching her new video for her track “Might Like You Better” would change my mind about it. Instead, it just reaffirmed that I’m not that big on the track. However, the fact that she keeps repeating the line “I might like you better if we slept together” made me realize how much that line gets used. And it made me wonder if anyone really knows where it came from.

The line originated in the song “Never Say Never” and if you say “Oh yeah, that song by Queens of the Stone Age“, you’d be partially right. Queens of the Stone Age did a cover of it. The original band was Romeo Void, a group of art students from The San Francisco Art Institute, whose lead singer Debora Iyall stirred controversy with the songs signature lyrics. So just for fun, I’m posting the original video for the track “Never Say Never” too.