New Music: Eve – Me And My (Up In The Club)

by Winston "Stone" Ford


EveMe and My

Most of y’all know that dubstep is my ish right now, and the middling UK genre is slowly taking a foothold in the US after years of rocking the UK.

So of course, it would only be a matter of time before UK-US dubstep collaborations would start popping up on the Internets. I can’t be surprised that Eve jumped on this track by Dubstep pioneer Benga and hip-hop producer Sallam Remi, but I am surprised at how fierce Eve is on this track, making me want her to get back on the mic real soon. By the way, where are all the female rappers?

The track itself is so so, with the quasi dubstep riddims not being cohesive enough for my liking, but I love it when MCs jump on tracks that they would not otherwise get within 50 feet of. These type of collaborations are typical in Europe (remember that Warren G/Enya collabo?) but are scarce in the United States of A. (via FADER)

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    Eve is looking tore up for real in that photo. Looks like her weave got chewed up by something. But that beat is hot for real though. Eve’s lyrics and raps kind of “meh,” not really great but not bad either. Just there. But man, that beat! Great.

  • Stone

    Yeah, the beat is courtesy of Dubstep king Benga. It’s definitely a new style for US ears but Benga has been rockin’ the UK for a while. Check out his track “Night” from back in the day:

  • R

    you know a scene is over when us hip hop stars start jumping on
    the bandwagon.

  • s

    you guys are slowly killing dubstep here in the states, i wish this one genre of music stayed underground, now every one and ther mothers are going to like either way been listening since 07…so F it. big ups to all

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