New Music: Blitz the Ambassador – Breathe

As Cal Ulmann says, “African Immigrants are the Future of Hip-Hop,” and I have to believe that’s true.

You have Wale, K’Naan, Phil Ade, and now Blitz the Ambassador, who is of Ghanaian descent. All four have been able to completely flip the script when it comes to hip-hop music in the past few years, and they all do it in a different way.

I first heard of Blitz when from my homegirl in NY, and needless to say I slept on it for a while. However, count me in as a fan. The dude not only rocks a live horn section, sprinkled with smattering of Afrobeat, but he also has some of the more creative concepts that I’ve seen in a while.

Download Breathe at RCRD LBL.