Euro-Trippin’: Statik Music Group


Statik Music GroupMJB

Statik Music GroupAO Pulls The Strings

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide show on BBC 1, is not only one of the most musically diverse radio shows on air, but it also is one of the few shows that is completetly dedicated to showcasing new and underground talent. It’s through this show that I came across the Statik Music Group, three friends from Amsterdam that make some of the dopest beats I’ve heard in a while.

The three friends, Allon, Ricky, and Skully make some deep cuts, and their mixtape is filled with some premiere laid back beats. But it was the Mary J Blige sampling MJB that won me over.  Although they only work for Dutch-based artists at the moment, they hope to someday make beats in the US.

What do y’all think?