VIDEO: US Royalty – Rats

Disclaimer: Yes people I’m writing about rock music. I’m a sucker for wailing guitars and pounding drums. My 90s alt-rock collection is substantial and I can take you at Guitar Hero. Don’t like it? Sue me.

DC has a long and storied rock history, but you wouldn’t know it.

The area was home to DC punk back in the day, spawning such dudes as Henry Rollins and Dave Grohl. However, the local rock scene in the District today is almost dead, with bands being here today and gone tomorrow, and soft support at local venues.

However, US Royalty is slowly changing that mindset. The band, which dropped onto the scene late last year, combines hard core rock and roll with lead singer John Thornley’s soulful vocals, all done with more swagger than any local band in recent memory.

Their newest video for the track Rats was filmed in a mansion on DC’s 16th Street and is ready made for MTV. Check them out at the Black Cat on August 5th and on their MySpace.