Video: Miike Snow – Burial

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Miike Snow is a band from Sweden, naturally. Even though this track sounds TOO much like Passion Pit, I can’t front on the video, which is no doubt inspired by Slumdog Millionaire. This might be the video of the year. (via herfection)

Miike Snow – “Burial”
by DowntownMusic

  • Hanz

    Although this track was made long time before Passion Pit did their record.
    So in reailty Passion Pit sound too much like “Burial”.

  • Angel

    Great song. It throws me off, the audio switching to the foreground & background like that. Makes me think of Daft Punk’s video for Da Funk. As far as the setting, maybe it was inspired by Darjeeling Limited, or Madonna’s 1997 Ray of Light (w/ all the Eastern overtones), or anything else to come out of the little-known–and barely populated–country India. However, if the movie took place in Britain, I would have said it was inspired by Monty Python & Benny Hill…in that order.

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