VIDEO: Clipse at Sneaker Pimps, DC

by Winston "Stone" Ford

  • T. AKA Ricky Raw

    I love the Clipse but gotta say they’re biggest problem is the damn. Repetitive. Subject matter. It’s like “What’s this next song gonna be about? Let me guess, drugs?” But their skills are undeniable.

  • Korey K

    good looking on the video didn’t make it out there

  • Stone

    Ha ha, true. They have built their whole persona around one topic and it’s gonna be hard for them to do anything beyond drug talk and do it well.

    They also are still touring off the back of Lord Willin’ an album that’s pushing 10 years old. Their new stuff isn’t poppin’ off like they want it to. Time to call Pharrell and Chad.

    Can’t deny their skills tho. Best lyricists in the game fo sho.

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