Review: Little Dragon at Liv

littledragon 3

Photos by Tashir Lee

There is a lot to say about DC crowds. Were lethargic. We don’t dance. We talk through artists sets.

All of this is true, but on Sunday night, something magical happened. Not only did Little Dragon get more screams than the Jonas Brothers at a middle school, but everybody knew every line to ever song off of their self-titled debut. It was a beautiful thing.

Little Dragon is the type of band that zigs when you want them to zag, and their offbeat Swedish style didn’t scare away the crowd. In fact, they were embraced.

littledragon 1

Of course tracks like Constant Surprises and Test got the biggest response, with Lead singer Yukimi Nagano sashaying across the stage and owning it with more swagger than your favorite rapper. Her ability to switch from eccentric Goteborg beatnik (banging on drums and prancing around with her ) to sexy R&B soulstress was mystifying–it takes a special woman to pull off this transformation at the drop of the hat.

littledragon 2

The other band members do what the Swedes do bes, creating soulful landscapes out of utter simplicity. Much like their counterparts Peter Bjorn and Lykke Li the music is not overbearing, consisting of light drum patterns, synths, and a funky bassline. Its clear that the goal is to make Yukimi the center of attention. Little Dragon’s newest songs, however,  have plenty more pop appeal and got the crowd moving. Their latest album Berlinmeister is definitely going to move bodies if Sunday night is an indication.

Local openers Yoko K and Aphrodizia brought their A game as well’ giving the overly receptive audience a dose of electro-jazz and 3 B. They were the perfect compliment to Little Dragon.

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At the end of Little Dragon’s set I swear people were blocking their exit from the stage. There was so much love in the room it really defies words.

“I guess we have to come back to DC,” Yukimi says with a smile. By the looks of Sunday night, her guess is right.