Photos: Peter Hadar, Black Spade, and W. Felton at Bohemian Caverns

Photos by Danielle Scruggs (@dascruggs). Check her website at

Last Thursday was an unfortunate time do have an event. Just mere hours after Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, W. Ellington Felton, Black Spade, and Peter Hard took the stage for the Hip-Hop Soul Brothers event at Bohemian Caverns. It’s not worth saying that the mood was not condusive for an event of this magnitide, even still, the trio managed to get the small, but entusiastic crowd to get down to their tunes.

W. Ellington is a staple around town, but I’m hoping that Hadar and Spade return to DC again under better circumstances.

Peter Hadar



Black Spade


W. Ellington Felton