New Music: Starks and Nacey – Summer Madness


Starks and NaceySummer Madness

Yes, I’ve been in dance music mode for a while now (so shoot me). Most of y’all know that the DMV has been heralding some of the best DJ talent on the East Coast, and the duo of Starks and Nacey (2/3rds of the popular monthly Nouveau Riche party) are no exception. The group is moving from spinning out to full production, and the funky house based track “Summer Madness” is their latest creation.

These dudes can do anything–from hip-hop (Nacey’s Paper Route Gangsta’s remix is still a favorite of mine) to dubstep, but their latest track is definitely a more laid back summer jam and is most definitely influenced by Summertime Madness by Kool and The Gang, one of my favorite tracks of all time. What do y’all think?