Montreal Find: DJ Skratch Bastid


In every new city that I travel to, I try to find a new artist in town that exemplifies their fair city. During my trip to Montreal I stumbled upon one such artist: DJ Skratch Bastid.

Download: DJ Skratch Bastid – 110% Mix

For the second time in a row, I’ve walked past my favorite record store Paul’s Boutique on Mount Royal Avenue in Montreal and been auraly blindsided by the sounds of DJ Skratch Bastid. The Canadian DJ is a virtual unknown in the States, but his newest mix, 110% combines the go-go sounds of Wale and the Junkyard Band, topped off with stops by James Brown, Mayer Hawthorne, Major Lazer, The Jungle Brothers, Public Enemy and more.

Bastid was raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but he spent serious time in Montreal and now calls Toronto home. Even though he spends most of his time North of the Border, his homage to DC go-go can’t be doubted, and it solidified my status as a fan. Bastid’s Chillin’ megamix, which loops Trouble Funk’s “Let’s Get Small,” as well as samples from Isaac Hayes’ “Breakthrough.” That track then blends into Junyard Band’s “Sardines.” It’s the look.

Even though 110% differs from his earlier, more breaks focused work, the mixtape thrives on Bastid’s quick cuts and thorough knowledge of American music, from the 50s to the present. Yes, any DJ can chop and blend, but Bastid does it so masterfully that the entire package is like one solid, seamless, work of art.

The highlight of the CD is Bastid’s complete rework of James Brown’s “I Feel Good,” an attempt that could fall into the realms of cliche, yet Bastid pulls off the rework masterfully. It’s one thing to listen to the track, but it’s another to see this done on live on video:

Skratch Bastid: James Brown “I Got You (I Feel Good)” routine – 110% from Skratch Bastid on Vimeo.

Wale f/ Lady Gaga – Chillin’ (SKRATCH BASTID REMIX) from Skratch Bastid on Vimeo.

Currently, Skratch Bastid has no tours planned south of the Border, but let’s hope that this will change soon.


1. Skratch Bastid – ‘110% Intro’
2. Wale f/ Lady Gaga – ‘Chillin (Skratch Bastid Remix)’
3. Junkyard Band – ‘Sardines’/Kurtis Blow – ‘Party Time’
4. Raiders of the Lost Art – ‘Back In The Day’ / Crash Crew – ‘High Power Rap’
5. Freedom – ‘Get Up & Dance’
6. Eli Escobar – ‘Heavenly Break’ / 45 King – ‘Spread Love’
7. Positive K – ‘I Got a Man’
8. A Taste Of Honey – ‘Rescue Me’
9. Funky 4+1 – ‘That’s The Joint’ / Beastie Boys – ‘Shake Your Rump (Inst)’
10. Skratch Bastid – ‘James Brown Interview’
11. Skratch Bastid / James Brown – ‘I Feel Good’
12. Skratch Bastid – ‘Public Enemy/The Grunt mega-mix’
13. Kinfolk Kia Shine – ‘Krispy’ / Beastie Boys – ‘Paul Revere’
14. T La Rock – ‘It’s Yours’
15. Skratch Bastid – ‘Out Here Grindin’
16. Al Green ‘Let’s Stay Together’ / A-Skillz ‘With You’
17. Kraak & Smack f/ Ben Westbeach ‘Squeeze Me’
18. Jorun ‘Release Yo Champ’ / Aleem ‘Release Yourself’
19. Jungle Brothers – ‘What U Waitin’ 4? / People’s Choice – ‘Do It Anyway You Wanna’
20. Salsoul Orchestra – ‘Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)’
21. Evelyn Champagne King – ‘I’m In Love’
22. Ciara & Justin Timberlake – ‘Love, Sex, Magic (Skratch Bastid Remix)’
23. K.I.D. – ‘Don’t Stop’
24. Eloise Whitaker – ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Love’
25. Rufus & Chaka Khan – ‘Do You Love What You Feel’
26. MC Shy-D – ‘I Wanna Dance’
27. Busy Signal – ‘Tic Toc’
28. DJ Mujava – ‘Township Funk’
29. Major Lazer – ‘Hold The Line (Skratch Bastid Remix)
30. Barrington Levy – ‘Prison Oval Rock’
31. Mr. Vegas – ‘Must Come A Road’
32. Collie Buddz – ‘Hustle’
33. Kardinal Offishall – ‘Nina’
34. Slim Smith – ‘My Conversation’
35. Mayer Hawthorne – ‘Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out’