KRS-One and Buckshot challenge IQ’s with “Robot”

by Couch Sessions

Jay-Z stole the breath from Autotune with his track, “Death of Autotune,” but of course KRS-One and Buckshot challenge us in a different way with “Robot.” Referred to as the “Official Death of Autotune” track at the video’s end, this one goes a bit deeper than Jay-Z’s bravado and production. I don’t know about you, but when KRS-One speaks, I listen, and the history lesson that he and Buckshot teach is one always worthy of note taking. Get your pens and pads ready, b/c the album is coming your way on September 15th. (thanks for the look MTM)


  • Sonya

    Yo I meant to comment on this yesterday….This needs to be put on blast cuz folks (of course) don’t know about this info. You say the name “Kraftwerk” to somebody outside of the dance music arena and most people will give you the stuck face.

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