Interview: A Chat with Paul of Paul’s Boutique, Montreal

by Winston "Stone" Ford

You might remember the record shop, Paul’s Boutique from my previous travel in Montreal. I went back there when I was in MTL earlier this month and to my surprise I learned that my post generated a lot of business for the shop. I came back the next day to drop this interview with the owner Paul. Starting with 100 records, Paul’s collection has ballooned to almost 20,000 in 7 years.

If you’re ever in Montreal, check them out and tell them that The Couch Sessions sent you. It’s definately one of the coolest record stores I’ve seen in my international travels.

Paul’s Boutique
112 Mount-Royal E.
Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Superbizzee

    Good looks. I gotta visit this kat when I go back to MTL next month.

  • Disgruntled digger

    After a recent visit to Paul’s Boutique, I have to say I had one of the worst digging experiences of my life. As soon as I walked in, the owner Paul basically yelled at me to leave my bag at the cash and that “That’s how it is everywhere in Montreal”. So I complied and started digging. I looked through the hip-hop section and the prices were absolutely ridiculous. The average price for a used single was 20$, with LP’s going anywhere from 25-50$. The place is a sardine can, cramped and plain not fun to look through. The owner seemed arrogant and unwilling to help me out when I asked about his collection of reggae singles, even though I was willing to spend big bucks. Anyways, never going back there again. So to all visitors, I would recommend heading to the record store Nice Music, a bit further up on St-Laurence street. The owner’s and employees are helpful and won’t treat you like a criminal.

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