West West Y’all


Granted I’m not from the “west coast”. I am from Arizona, which geographically speaking is the southwest, but whatever. The music from California inspired the way of living in Phoenix as it did everywhere else. With that said lets get it. There reallly isn’t any theme to this weeks edition but there are varying degrees of what the west is about now.

The Do-Over – simply put its the best party on Earth, and if u live in DC this is what The Coolout is supposed to be every Sunday.

(shout to GlenJamn for the pictures….

this is a picture of the line to get in 2 hours before they started letting people in….

Here is my man DJ Fashens set from the party this past Sunday : DJ Fashen @ the Do Over June212009
Here is Audible Agents set: Audible Agent @ The Do Over June212009
Here is Eli Escobars set:DJ Eli @ The Do Over June212009

In legendary news: Kurupt & DJ Quik dropped a project, BlaQKout recently….listen/watch the pair speak on it below:

Its get no more west west than this…La Coka Nostra feat . Snoop Dogg – Bang Bang

Next week….Pep Love, some classic Snoop and more west coast goodness. Lets gooooooooooooo!!!!