TONIGHT: Subwoofer Science at Artomatic

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Subwoofer Science EP

If you haven’t been to Artomatic, you’re missing one of the best collection of local art anywhere in DC and I dare the country. To compliment the artists , Artomatic also has enlisted a diverse array of performers to fill out the bill. One such act is DC’s own Subwoofer Science. The crew of Julian (Bullets Over Romance), z1 thaESSENTIAL, Sub-Z have been doing their thing. You might remember our In The Studio series that profiled this group back in December. Since then, they have recorded and dropped an EP, and will have their first show at Artomatic tonight at 8:30 on the 1st floor Electric Stage. Check IT.

55 M Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003
Metro: Navy Yard (Green Line)

  • z1 thaESSENTIAL

    Many thanks for this post and helping put the word out. Minor correction, though. While Sub-Z was at the session and photographed on the mic while you were there, the third member of Subwoofer Science is actually Ryan Lucas who WAS there that night but didn’t make his presence known on camera.

    Shouts out to couchsessions for putting us on blast. EP available for free download here:

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