New Music: Priscilla Renea


Priscilla ReneaHello My Apple (Windows Media Stream)

I know it sounds cliche every time I say it, but Priscilla Renea is defiantly a breath of fresh air in music these days.

In a land of cookie cutter R&B, where starlets are often known more for their talents off the stage than on, Renea’s mixture of R&B, pop, indie, and a tinge of country (yes, country!) makes her stand out from the crowd. The Atlanta based artist not only sings, but writes, plays, and composes her own music. Her down to earth approach to music cuts out the fluff that has infiltrated her counterparts, resulting in simple, yet warm, melodic pop.

Even though her YouTube vids showcase her acoustic side, her newest EP takes that sound and wraps it into a radio-friendly (but not generic) package. My favorite song that I’ve heard so far is the track “Cry,” a track that switches up her mellow vocals over a hip-hop beat and features one of the most powerful hooks I’ve heard in a while.

Priscilla Renea – Cry

Renea’s claim to fame? YouTube. Her videos were topping out at  over 1 million views, and she has over 30,000 subscribers. With that type of built in aueince, no wonder Capitol Records signed her Her rise to fame is definitely a model for new artists in the game.

Priscilla Renea’s EP Hello My Apple is on iTunes now.

Priscilla Renea – I Fell In Love With You

Twitter: @PriscillaRenea