New Music: Phil Ade

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Phil AdeGoing Off

Now that Wale has put the DMV (the area of the mid-Atlantic consisting of DC, Maryland, and Virginia) on the map, it’s time for the next class of artists to take the reigns. So far, artists like Tabi Bonney and XO have stepped up, but this summer another artist has put his hat into the ring: Phil Ade.

The Maryland rapper has a style more akin to  Lupe than the Southern drawls of Tabe and Wale, and his fast lyrical wordplay is definitely worth noticing. 

Unfortunately I missed Ade set when he opened for Wale, which consisted of comical Bob Dylan-like signs to accompany his stage show. Such creativity is making Ade’s acts one of the most talked about acts of that evening, even to this day.

I see good things ahead for Phil Ade and his mixtape, Starting on JV drops in July. Until then, check him at his MySpace and Twitter.

  • TonyBlount

    Actually his flow reminds me alot of Wale.

  • Stone

    A lot of people keep saying that, but honestly, I don’t see it. He raps almost 2 the speed of Wale for starters.

  • Da

    this guy aint so bad

  • Cam Jus

    haha. I can see where people find similarities in his flow and Wale’s But that could just be an overall trend the way everybody is flowing right now. I need to hear some more. It’s dope though.

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